the-kaba-Ilco-044HD-key-machineKey cutting is process of making duplications on key. Cutting is the ironwork term for “shaping by removing metal”.  It is done by cutting indentions in key blanks to copy those indentions of the original key using a key-duplicating machine or a key cutter.

The rise of key cutters did not start until the start of the First World War. The popularity of metal keys did not explode until the inventions of key machines which duplicate keys. Of course, metal keys are only the ones that can be duplicated.

With so many key machines that are in hand today, it is very important to own which you know and sure of that it will provide satisfaction and give personal benefits. It is also important to familiarize all its features, knowing how and when to use them.

Kaba Ilco Corporation is one of the world’s top manufacturers of key blanks and duplicating machines for keys. Here are some facts about this company:

It is based in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

They are currently ranked fourth globally as biggest manufacturing company for security-related products. The brand Ilco is globally known for incomparable quality and very low prices.

They make sure that all employees of the company are fully committed in targeting high class standards and competitive technology that is why all their products are a cut above others.

They supply most of the small and larger key cutting establishments in the United States with key cutters, brass, which is the metal used in making keys, doorknobs, digital locks, car locks and other security-related products.

The Kaba Ilco 040HD Key Machine is one of their latest products. It is designed to operate either manually for special situations or automatically made for convenience.

Common features:

The multipurpose key machine accepts longer keys and holds nearly any adaptive cylinders without any need of adapter because equipped with Super Jaw III and four position jaw.

It can also accept those keys with oversized heads. Kaba Ilco 040HD Key Machine also has an offset carriage which allows gauging keys from the tips if needed and a soft touch brush. This brush can hold large bow and long blade keys.

The milling cutter of Kaba Ilco 040HD Key Machine is P-CU20 which is made of hard metal and coated with titanium. Titanium is a chemical element which prevents oxygen to interact with iron creating rust.

Kaba Ilco 040HD Key Machine has a dial dept adjustment system that practically increases accuracy and simplifies calibration.

It also features safety tool, a circuit breaker protection, to avoid any fire or electrical accident. The motor of this key machine requires 110V-AC standard power source.

Kaba Ilco manufacturing gives a year warranty for any notice of manufacturing or factory defect or malfunction to the original buyer on Kaba Ilco 040HD Key Machine or any model under their company name.

The said warranty counts from the date upon receiving the Key Machine from any shipment or direct purchase from a direct store. The warranty module comes together with the product plus an instructional guide for the users.



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